Lightspeed - Install and Use Livewords Flow


  1. Download and install the app: 
  2. When the installation is complete, you will be redirected to this form that you'll need to fill in:update.jpg
  3. Once the form is filled in, you will need to wait until you receive an invite e-mail from the Livewords Flow team. The e-mail will contain the link to Livewords Flow and will allow you to set up a password. If done during working hours, you should expect the e-mail to arrive to you within 24 hours.
  4. Edit any language in your lightspeed account and save:edits.png
  5. When your changes have been implemented, they will automatically appear in Livewords Flow; under ‘To Do’ > ‘Never translate’:never_translate.png
  6. You can now select the items that you would like to send to translation; tick the desired item(s) and click on ‘Mark selected to translation’:translation.png
  7. When ‘pushed’ to the ‘Untranslated’ tab, the items can be translated. You can click on the item to open it and access the translation interface:TR_UI.png
  • (1) Source language column: text as it appears in your Webshop.
  • (2) Target language column: column where to insert the corresponding translations.
  • (3) Matches = Translation memory matches: shows matches with previous translations.
  • (3) Comments: option to add comments for another linguist.
  • (3) Glossary: shows possible glossary entries in case a term list has been provided.
  • (3) Shared items: shows items that contain the same source segment translated.When the translation is ready, the item can be pushed to ‘Review’ (if applicable).
  1. When the review is ready, the item can be pushed to ‘Published’.
  2. Once under ‘Published’ the translation will automatically be pushed back to your page (every 12 min).


If you have any question regarding Livewords Flow and additional features, you can refer to the support page of Livewords Flow or contact

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