[deprecated] POST /{source-feed}/items/_bulk

Registering Content in Bulk

Register multiple content items for translation, using a single request.


This call registers any text content inside multiple items you post. Text content inside each item is registered according to the source feed configuration and responds with a status code indicating the result of the registration. All items are registered for the target languages given in the request parameter target-language. If no target-language attribute is specified the item will be saved for all target languages associated with the given source. This behaviour can be affected with the reset-all-target-languages parameter.

Request Body Format

Livewords Flow has an XSD available upon request which can greatly simplify many processes. However the request body is non-normative XML. This means the XML used does not need to conform to a fixed XML schema.

The request body XML is structured in items which are documented in detail in the Livewords Items section.

Request Parameters


Optional. A comma-separated list of target locales. Defaults to all languages of targets related to this source.

The source feed must have at least one associated target for each locale code. Example: en-US,nl,de


Optional. A boolean parameter (true or false) indicating if this call should first reset the workflow status of the item(s) before registering them as to-be-translated for the given target languages. Defaults to true.

This parameter modifies the effect of the target-language parameter and is only defined in combination with this parameter.

If set to true the workflow status of the items on the request are first reset (i.e. their status is removed, if any) and are then registered as to-be-translated for the target languages given in the target-language parameter.

If set to false the items in the request are only registered as "to-be-translated" for the target languages given in the target-language parameter. The status of the items in the request for target languages not present in target-language are left unchanged.


200 OK

Indicates a succesful operation, meaning all items in the request were succesfully processed.

413 Request Entity Too Large

The body of the POST request exceeds the default quotum of 2GB.

Example Request

Registers the items Hoodie and Sweater for the source feed named products for translation in Dutch, French and German. The status is not changed for foo and bar for other target languages are defined for the feed products.

POST /products/items/_bulk?target-language=nl,fr-FR,de&reset-all-target-languages=false
Content-Type: text/xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <product id="11" title="Hoodie" location="products/sku-23">
    <short-title>Short title</short-title>
    <description>This hoodie is blue and has stripes</description>
    <summary>Hoodie's summary</summary>
  <product id="12" title="Sweater" location="products/sku-29">
    <short-title>Short title</short-title>
    <description>This sweater is blue and has stripes</description>
    <summary>Sweater's summary</summary>

Example Response

200 OK
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