Fuzzy Matching

While translating in Livewords you can apply Fuzzy Matches, if they are available. Fuzzy matches can be applied automatically when opening a page in the ToDo view or manually. This is a setting on a user level. Ask your Translation Manager or Account Owner to apply this setting for you.

Example-fuzzy.pngBy clicking Matches or putting your cursor in the translation area, all the available matches are shown.
  1. The original text that matches the text to be translated. The difference on a word level is shown in red or blue. 

  2. The translation which is already associated with 1.

  3. Each match has a percentage. The higher a percentage, the closer the segments are to each other. To use the match (if not pre-filled automatically) click on the percentage. The translation is then copied to the translation area and can be tweaked as necessary. 

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