POST /translations

Add Translations

Add translations to existing Translation Memories in LiveWords.


You use this API call to add translations to existing Translation Memories in LivewordsFlow. The call responds with a status code indicating the result of the registration.

Request Body Format

The request body format is JSON with a defined structure.

Translation Request Attributes

No attributes can be added to this call.


200 OK

Indicates a succesful operation, meaning all translations in the request were succesfully processed.

413 Request Entity Too Large

The body of the POST request exceeds the default quotum of 16MB.

Example Request

POST /translations
Content-Type: application/json
[ { "source":{ "lang":"nl", "value":"Hout" }, "targets":[ { "lang":"es-ES", "value":"Madera" }, { "lang":"fr-FR", "value":"Bois" } ] }, { "source":{ "lang":"nl", "value":"Stoel" }, "targets":[ { "lang":"es-ES", "value":"Asiento" }, { "lang":"fr-FR", "value":"Chaise" } ] }
] }

Example Response

200 OK
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