In Reporting you’ll find information on the amount of words translated/reviewed on what date and by who.

  1. In the filter you can specify the translations created or reviewed for a certain period (day/month/week) by a specific person and for a specific translation memory.

  2. There are several types of translations to be found in the reporting:

    • Automatic machine translations - translations entirely machine Translated

    • Post edited translations - translations that have been edited after machine translation. The word count is the number of words in the text block that have been post edited.

    • Manual translations - translations made by a human

    • Reviewed - when a translation is moved to review for the first time

  3. The total amount of translated words (matching the period from the search results) is shown per match percentage. It shows the amount of translated words. For all the translated words, the amount of text (in words) that have a fuzzy match during translation are shown. In this example, of the 47 words that have been translated, 43 words had a match between 0 and 50 and 4 words had a match between 51 and 75.

  4. For each date that matches the search results, the total amount of words translated are shown.

  5. The amount of words reviewed is specified here.

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