To Do

As a reviewer you can have access to one or more translation memories. Your Account Owner or Translation Manager can modify these settings for you.

  1. The translation memory(ies) you have access to within this account.

  2. The channels over which the translatable content is divided.

  3. To Do gives access to the workflow and the content that needs translating or review.

  4. Translations will bring you to the actual Translation Memory for that specific language.

  5. Reports gives you access to the reporting on translated and reviewed word counts.

To Do

The To Do list shows all the items that need reviewing. During review you move content to the next step in the workflow. The workflow steps depend on how/if the customer wants to review content in LiveWords before sending back to the originating system. Once content is published in Livewords it is automatically sent back.

  1. Search for either an item by it’s name, location or content within the items (either source or translated text). 

  2. Filter the list of items by language, source, or order by date.

  3. Filter the list of items by label. 
  4. The workflow steps you have access to. This depends on whether you have translation or review rights or both. To read more on the different workflow steps go to Workflow

  5. Each step tab will show the number of items within that step. When modifying the list by filtering or searching the number will be updated accordingly.

  6. The total amount of unique words that need your attention in the selected workflow step.

  7. The items in the To Do list are sorted by the date the content has arrived at this workflow step.

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