Start Translating

To start translating, click the title of the item you want to translate.


The item opens and the text is displayed.

  1. Here is the name of the item you are translating and below that the language you are translating to.

  2. On the right you see the amount of words that still needs action in this workflow step. Text that has been previously translated is not in this word count.

  3. On the bottom of the view you see a bar with action buttons. From left to right:

    1. Hotkeys - to view the available hotkeys. (These can be very helpful for saving time!)

    2. Translate - to pre-translate all translation areas that do not have a translation yet. This button is only available if the Google Key has been activated. This can be done by the Account owner.

    3. Images - to view images belonging to the content you are translating. This button is only visible if images are available.

    4. Pagination - if there are multiple pages available you can switch page here. You can also go straight to a higher page number by clicking on the number and changing it.

    5. Cancel - to return back to the list of items. All unsaved changes will be discarded.

    6. Save - to save all the changes made at once.

    7. To Review - if the item is ready for review, it can be moved to the next workflow step. The item will disapear from the list and be made available for reviewers. You can always go back to the item by looking up the item in All Known Items.

    8. Move to the previous or next item - clicking the arrows on the bottom right corner will take you to the previous or next item in the list.

Every item contains rows with original text (1) and an area to translate the text (2).

  1. Original text

  2. Translation area

  3. Translation Tools

  4. Below the translation area you see 2 buttons to insert a computer translation and save a translation.

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