The translator and reviewer will be notified on the glossary matches for each segment, as soon as there is a match.

You can send your glossaries to our support, . We will upload them to the system. You can find your glossaries under the Glossaries menu in the sidebar. In case the glossary needs an update, you can change it in interface. When you need to make a big update, please let us know and we will update the glossaries for you. 

The file needs to be in a CSV format. There are some restrictions for this file:

The CSV needs to have a special format:
* First column is source language
* Other columns are either translations or context

* First line needs to have column-names corresponding to this column
* Column-names must be corresponding to languages codes in your account. You can find them on the TMs page. For example: en, en-US, nl-nl, de-de
* To add context column it need to have format “language:context” (for example “en:context”) it will be used as context for the translation of this language
* Please use UTF-8 encoding for your file, read more about saving CSV with UTF-8
* If you need any help please contact our support, 

Read more about the usage of glossaries under Translation Tools Translations.

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