In LiveWords, a Translation Manager is the manager of multiple languages and users involved in the translation process. You are for example the project manager at a translation agency or the operational manager responsible for the localization of your company’s online content. With this profile you can add and delete users for each language and you can manage the glossaries added to the account.

  1. To see which content exactly is available in the workflow, you can click To Do. This brings you to the workflow in which the translators and reviewers are working.

  2. Translations will bring you to the actual Translation Memory for that specific language.

  3. Glossaries gives you access to existing glossaries and is where you can create new ones.

  4. Reporting gives you access to the overview on translated and reviewed word counts specified per language.

  5. Team gives you an overview of all users assigned to your translation memories.

  6. Here you can see the translation memories you have access to. For every translation memory you can see the channels that contain translatable content. In this case the contents under Coats & Jackets, Dresses and Jeans & Trousers are available for translation into Dutch.

  7. At the end of each line you can find a specification of the amount of words which are untranslated in this specific channel. For each language it also specifies how many untranslated words there are left in total.

  8. The General "Glossary" is the glossary selected for use during translation in this translation memory.


On the Teampage of your account you may view and modify the users with access to your translation memories. There are three different types of users:

  • Account Owner – this user has access to all translation memories, users and glossaries connected to the account.

  • Translation Manager – the Translation Manager has access to translation memories attached to their user profile. They can manage all users and glossaries connected to these translation memories. There can be several translation managers for the different translation memories an account has.

  • Account Member – used for the translator and reviewer involved with said account. The Account Member can see other users but cannot modify them. This profile only has access to the content which is connected to the translation memories attached to the user profile.

Add a new user

To create a new user click the + at the top right of the screen. The following will open;

  1. Enter a valid email address.

  2. Choose a role.

  3. Select the translation memory this user gets access to. It is possible to add and delete translation memories for users.

  4. Click create.

To start editing the user's information click on "Unnamed user". The following will open;

  1. Enter the user’s name.

  2. Check Subscribe to Notification Mail to send a daily mail to this user if there is new text for translation/review.

  3. Check Automatically Apply Fuzzy Matches to activate the automatic pre-fill of fuzzy matches during translation.

  4. Here you can add or delete translation memories for this user.

  5. Deselect any of the workflow steps to deny access to the content in these steps. A translator might only need to see Untranslated while a reviewer would want to see Review.

  6. Clicking the invite button will send an automatic invitation to the user’s email inviting them to create a password.

  7. When you are all done, don’t forget to press "Update" to save your changes!

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