Labels can be added to the Livewords workflow in two different ways:

1. Directly in the XML, please read more about this in the section Source Configuration.

2. In the Flow interface via the menu tab "Labels". This article will explain.

As a Flow account owner, you will have access to manage Labels via Flow.

In the menu you will find a tab "Labels":


Here you can add and disable labels.

Once created, a label can be applied to an item in To Do.

You can assign labels in three different ways:

  • Assign Location Label: label will be visible in all languages for the items with the same source. [dark blue]
  • Assign Title Label: label will be visible in all languages for all the items with the same title. [dark blue]
  • Assign Language Label: Label will be visible only in the current language. [light blue]



You assign a label to an item or set of items by using the checkboxes.

  • Check the boxes of the item(s)
  • Click on the Select Label drop-down list
  • Select your label
  • Click on one of the 3 Assign buttons.

Only one label can be assigned at a time.

However multiple labels can be assigned to one item. 

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