Labels can be added to the Livewords workflow in two different ways:

1. Directly in the XML, please read more about this in the section Source Configuration.

2. In the Livewords interface via the menu tab "Labels". This article will explain.

As an account owner, you will have access to manage Labels via Livewords. In the menu you will find a tab "Labels":


Here you can add and disable labels.

Once created, a label can be applied to an item in ToDo. You can apply label in two different ways: as content label or as language-specific label.

It's possible to assign a label for one specific language. These labels are ideal if you want to add a language-specific deadline or assign an item to a specific translator. Language-specific labels will only be visible in the language view they are assigned to. On the To Do tab, the language-specific labels are visible in light blue.

Content labels are visible to all languages. You can use them to identify the type of content, for example. On the To Do tab, the content labels are visible in dark blue.


You assign a label to an item or set of items by using the checkboxes. Select an item(s), select the label button, choose your label and assign. Only one label can be assigned at a time, however multiple labels can be assigned to one item. 

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